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Feb 25, 2024 - Apr 20, 2024

Run with Rogan Virtual Zero-to-10km

  • 56Days

What You Get

Welcome to the Run with Rogan virtual zero-to-10km program—an incredible opportunity for anyone eager to kickstart their running journey or rediscover the joy of running in a safe and supportive environment. Whether you're postpartum or post-injury, or simply looking to overcome a bout of inactivity, this program is tailored just for you. 1. Tailored for All: For beginners or those recovering from injuries or inactivity, our 8-week program is for you. 2. Comprehensive 8-Week Program: Consists of 3 running sessions and 2 strength sessions per week. 3. Supportive Guidance: With an experienced coach by your side, receive unwavering support throughout your journey. 4. Progress Tracking Tools: Stay motivated and accountable with our valuable health and fitness tracking tools. 5. Limited Spots: Don't miss out on this transformative experience—secure your spot today! 6. Empowerment and Transformation: Unlock your potential and become a healthier, empowered version of yourself. 7. Virtual Convenience: Join from anywhere with our virtual program, offering flexibility and accessibility. Wherever you are, whoever you are, let me assist you in unlocking your potential and transforming into a healthier, more empowered version of yourself. Join the Run with Rogan virtual zero-to-10km program today, and together, we'll conquer that 10km milestone in just 8 weeks.



R 1 200,00

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