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Physiotherapist & Biokineticist​​

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Meet Kyle

I work tirelessly and have recently started to see a dip in my health. I have a few chronic health conditions and I am worried my downward spiral won’t stop. Am I allowed to exercise, and what kind of exercise should I be doing?



Am I allowed to exercise?

Firstly, before attempting any form of exercise, an individual with a health condition should consult with their specialist or GP to be given medical clearance to exercise. Most health conditions can improve with appropriate exercise prescription. It is crucial that you book an assessment with a Biokineticist to determine your starting point in order to begin exercise safely and to progress consistently without putting yourself at risk. 

What type of exercise should I do? 

This is a very hard question to answer as each chronic disease is different and should be treated specifically. Generally, a carefully worked out combination of cardiovascular, strength and stretching exercises are recommended. Tailoring cardiovascular sessions to your individual limits will help manage health problems such as high blood pressure, high blood glucose levels, and elevated stress markers and drastically improve overall cardiac health. Strength exercise reduces your risk of injury, improves posture and resilience. The overall response is an improvement in health but must be built on scientifically-based exercise prescription.

Is there a difference between you and a personal trainer? Who should I see? Can I see you both? 

No matter what type of chronic health disease you suffer from, it is crucial to be thoroughly assessed and have a baseline for your start. Your progression should be built on scientifically-based exercise prescription monitored by your qualified Biokineticist. There are a variety of medications that affect training, and therefore exercise should be tailored accordingly. Your Biokineticist is educated to prescribe exercise based on chronic health conditions and medications as well as medically monitor you throughout your exercise program. Once your health has stabilised and you are at an adequate level functionally and cardiovascularly, it is most certainly safe for you to be referred to a personal trainer for long term supervised training to maintain your fitness. 

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