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Meet Keenan

I have lower back pain which is gradually getting worse. It really hurts when I bend to pick up my ball, or if I have to lift heavy or awkward objects. I have had X-rays and my GP says I need to strengthen my core. Where do I start?



Where do I start?

We recommend being assessed by a Biokineticist. There may be an element of weakness or reduced mobility predisposing you to back discomfort. We can examine your movement mechanics and begin to address the issues with scientific-based exercises tailored to your specific needs.

Will I have to stop golf? 

The goal is never to stop a person from doing what they love but to return them back to play in an appropriate time frame that is safe. Progressing you through the phases of rehabilitation allows you to challenge the body through particular movements in order to develop strength and stability. This allows a return to sport as well as giving you more confidence post-injury. 

If I take 3 weeks off, will it go away and then can I start golf again? 

Should you take time off and then return to the same routine without addressing your discomfort it will most likely return. A better course of action is to take 3 weeks off from golf whilst improving your mobility and strengthening your core. You can then slowly be introduced back into golf.

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