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Meet Cindy

I do CrossFit almost every single day. I don't think I'm injured but my coach and I have noticed during weighted squats and lunges that my ankle isn't stable - it almost rolls. I can feel my body leaning to one side when I carry weight. I am worried it’s going to affect my training. What should I do?



Will I get injured if I ignore this?

Your potential for injury is higher by having too much movement or a lack of joint control. Your ankle is displaying signs of instability and without intervening, may result in a rolled ankle on an uneven surface, or an “overuse” injury through repetitive movements with heavy weights. 

Is there a quick fix?

Changing your shoes may stabilize your foot for static, gym-based movements, and you may want to consider using an ankle brace. However, correcting your movement patterns will be the best way to improve strength and stability to prevent injury and reach your training goals.

I am worried my weak ankle will affect my training. What should I do?

Consulting a Biokineticist will help you figure out what structural components are causing your ankle to roll. These components might be due to your biomechanics or muscular weakness. Having an assessment to determine the cause and addressing the issues with specific exercises will correct this.

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