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Can exercise cure neck pain?

The way we work at a desk - seated and slouched over the computer - is an unnatural posture and not what our bodies were designed for. This can create tension or muscle restrictions that can lead to poor posture and headaches. If other routes have been explored and there are no other underlying issues, exercise can be extremely beneficial. A Biokineticist can assist in strengthening the correct neck muscles to more adequately support your head. This will reduce the strain placed on other muscles, improve posture, and minimise the tension causing your headaches. 

Will my desk set-up be a potential problem? 

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Meet Kim

I am at my office desk in front of a computer all day. I suffer from chronic headaches and neck tension. I have tried acupuncture and massage but the headaches keep coming back. I’ve heard through friends that exercise may help – is this true?



Your desk set up is more than likely one of the contributing factors. When you book for an assessment, please bring in photos of your desk arrangement at work and we can explain and show you how to improve it ergonomically for better posture.   

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