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Biokineticist? What do they do?

Updated: Feb 17

A Biokineticist is a clinical exercise specialist who:

Lady measuring the blood pressure of a lady on a bike

· Is recognised by the Health Professions Council of South Africa and functions within the professional alliance to health and medicine.

· Improves a person’s physical well-being and quality of life through individualised scientific assessment and exercise prescription. Their role is to prevent, intervene, treat, and rehabilitate certain ailments.

· Enhances sport and work performance.

· Evaluates & Measures: body posture, body composition, blood pressure, glucose levels, lung function, heart rate, fitness, muscle strength, endurance, power, flexibility, and other health screenings.

· Creates a better quality of life for the people they work with through health promotion, wellness education, and exercise prescription.

What is the role of a Biokineticist in health care?

Movement affects development, learning, communication, work capacity, health, and quality of life. It is an essential part of everyday life, for people of all ages.

Movement is the defining element of quality of life. It permits people to navigate and stay oriented within their environment and allows people to interact more fully in their work, sport, and recreation. Movement may diminish or be lost due to heredity aspects, aging, injury, or disease. This loss may occur gradually over the course of a lifetime, or traumatically and suddenly.

Patients and families are put under considerable pressure when loss of movement is linked with chronic and disabling diseases. Reducing financial burden can be achieved through preventing initial impairment or further impairment from injury or disease.

Prevention of loss of movement and the resulting conditions must be a global priority. The use of scientific exercise prescription is a sustainable and long-term solution to the public and health care. Biokinetics has evolved into a health profession responding to the universal need for quality, accessible, and cost-effective health care.

Biokineticist teaching a lady to plank

Now that you know what a Biokineticist is and the role one plays in health care, I have two questions for you, and I would love your feedback.

Have you suffered from poor health caused by disease or injury?

Have you consulted with a medical professional and been referred to a Biokineticist yet?

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